At the summit of Pikes Peak, Katharine Lee Bates was inspired to pen the lines to her most famous poem, "America the Beautiful." She was overwhelmed by the sights of vast, open skies, planted fields, and the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Pikes Peak - 27 October 2011 After the Snowstorm
Greetings! The Camera IS in the shop - we expect it back in a very short time. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
Pikes Peak Cam Team
October 2011

The video camera for the Pikes Peak Cam™ World Wide Web Page is mounted on the roof above the Pikes Peak Cam, LLC offices, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
From the camera's vantage point, the summit is approximately 15 miles away. The video camera for the Pikes Peak Camô Web Page runs all day, every day - but is only visible during daylight hours, and during that time its updated approximately once every minute.

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