Lt. Zebulon Montgomery Pike discovered the mountain in 1806; however, Lt. Pike originally named the mountain "Grand Peak," but cartographers labeled it "Pikes Peak" on their maps. Lt. Pike's only attempt to climb the mountain was unsuccessful due to a cold November storm, and Pike later predicted that "no one would ever reach the summit." The first man to climb the peak was Dr. Edwin James in 1820. Julia Archibald Holmes became the first woman to reach the summit in 1858. In 1893, Katherine Lee Bates, a Massachusetts author and teacher, was so inspired by the view from atop Pikes Peak that she composed the lyrics to "America the Beautiful." Today, visitors can reach the summit by cog railway, car, or by foot. The Pikes Peak Cog Railroad was built in 1891 and is still in operation. Being second highest highway in the world, the Pikes Peak Toll Road was completed in 1916 at a cost of $350,000. Automobile and motorcycle racers from all over the world compete in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb every Fourth of July; racers negotiate 12 miles and 156 hair-raising turns in a little over ten minutes. For those who want to climb the mountain by foot, Barr Trail winds 13 miles and ascends 7,500 vertical feet to the top. Each August, runners compete in the Pikes Peak Marathon. The 26 mile record, up and down Barr Trail, is three hours and 24 minutes.

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